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Living in or near Norwich and need a job? Interested in moving there? Or maybe you just have an interest in the import and export industry that thrives in the town. Whatever drives you, we at A&S Recruitment are committed to finding you a job you look forward to and make every day an enjoyable one.

We don’t want you to be in a job that feels like a chore, we’re different like that; ensuring all our customers are happy in the job we find them is more important to us than just filling internal quotas.

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What Jobs are in Norwich?

Norwich is a town that is famed for its industrial production, Norwich’s primary industry historically being the manufacture and distribution of shoes, as well as being home to the world famous Colman’s brand of mustard set up in 1814. In more modern times Colman’s remains one of the biggest sources of income for the area, exported by the its parent company Unilever. Colman’s putting Norwich on the map of British heritage brands.

Other than its historic manufacturing base Norwich is home to a huge number of financial service and public sector jobs that between them employ 57% of Norwhich’s population of over 200,000. As well as a large Import Export Industry: a necessity for a town that always in the past made its money by producing and exporting goods. This also means Norwich is very well connected by road and rail to various ports, most notably Ipswich and Great Yarmouth, the latter also being connected to the River Wensum that runs through Norwich.

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More Information on Norwich

Norwich is a historic market town, established in ancient times by Roman traders in East Anglia after the uprising of Boudica, rebuilt by Normans a millennia later. The Norman market place still exists today, and is still used as a market just outside the city hall and guildhall. This market place rated the best city centre in the UK in 2006. Norwich is also known for being a very green city, the most green in the UK, with a history of combining agricultural greenery with urban settlements.

For transport Norwich is linked to the national motorway network via the A11, which links to Cambridge and the M11 motorway, as well as direct road links to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. By rail Norwich has direct connection to Manchester Piccadilly, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield and Peterborough. By air, Norwich has its own international airport and has sea links via the River Yare, which leads to the port at Great Yarmouth

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