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Living in or near Felixstowe and need a job? Interested in moving there? Or maybe you just have an interest in the import and export industry that thrives in the town. Whatever drives you, we at A&S Recruitment are committed to finding you a job you look forward to and make every day an enjoyable one.

We don’t want you to be in a job that feels like a chore, we’re different like that; ensuring all our customers are happy in the job we find them is more important to us than just filling internal quotas.

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What Jobs are in Felixstowe?

The biggest industry in Felixstowe, by far, is its shipping industry. Felixstowe Port serves international trade and is one of the busiest commercial ports in Britain. So, jobs are always available to anyone looking to get into the shipping industry, as there is always plenty that needs to be done in Felixstowe’s port every working day.

If your preferred working environment is commercial office work, Industrial shoreman work or some form of transport; we at A&S are confident you will find a job to suit you in Felixstowe. The booming import and export industry at the port ensuring we find a job perfect for you.

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More Information on Felixstowe

Felixstowe is a moderately sized port town in Southern Suffolk, its population of about 23,700 being about average for an English town. The town is on the English coast with the North Sea and is the largest commercial container port in all of Britain: with 25 ship-to-shore gantry cranes, 2.4 kilometres of cargo space as well as a single-track freight railway running to Ipswich and its own police authority. In addition to the police, the port also has its own joint ambulance and fire service to attend to emergencies on the port or the accompanying Quay, they also answer 999 calls in Felixstowe itself.

The town itself is home to Landguard fortress, which was a major hardpoint during world war two, and has been around since the 17th century. The fort hosts regular military reenactments. Felixstowe, as well as the fortress, also sees tourism thanks to its beach and piers. Although not a massively popular seaside resort, the town does see regular visits by families in the South during summer holiday season and has arcades and leisure centres to accommodate any family holiday needs.

Felixstowe, being a fairly large town, also has a wide variety of jobs available: if it’s anything from industrial jobs to commercial jobs. The town hosts businesses that specialise in leisure, as well as plenty of opportunities to get into transport thanks to its railway links and the ever-present need for drivers in a variety of modern businesses.

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