The 5 Signs it’s Time to Find a New Job

30th Jan

Everyone at some time in the average working week, has a bad day at work.  You know when nothing goes right when you find yourself swearing and kicking the photocopier because it’s done 200 copies back to front and you only wanted 3!

Your letter of resignation is folded up and in your top drawer, awaiting the time when you decide enough is enough and you can’t take any more or after your lunch, you would just like to creep away and hide in the stationery cupboard.

Are these days, when you should give your job that second chance or is it time to quit completely?

According to a survey run by Investors In People (IIP), 59% of Employees were seeking to resign from their current role, at the start of the new decade, in 2020.

A whopping 1 in 3 of us, would like to leave our current role and work for ourselves, it is absolutely no surprise that many of us have side-line businesses, like Avon or selling on Ebay or making handmade items on Etsy.

Here are the 5 warning signs that tell you, it’s time to reconsider your position in your current company.

Full Week Blues

For some of us, the thought of returning to work on a Monday morning,  after our weekend of fun and frolics fills us with the Monday Blues, but imagine having the Monday, Tuesday,  the rest of the week blues. The thought of stepping into the office, being nice and friendly to our work colleagues fills us with complete dread, making small talk to the Receptionist as you sign in to start your work shift,  then this is the time when you need to re-address your work/ life balance and start the motions of seeking a new job or alternative opportunity.

We spend 50% of our total lives at work, so our health and well-being at work is fundamental. We don’t have to love our job, but if you are constantly feeling stressed and ill and spend the time procrastinating about what it would be like to work elsewhere, your decision has subconsciously been made.

Think back to the time when you had just started to work in your current role at your current company, you were passionate and had a fire in your belly, however, if the fire is now just a pile of smouldering ash, now is the time to seek new opportunities.

75% of us don’t like change, especially life-changing decisions, like moving home and changing jobs but when you start feeling like this and the stress of working in a job you loathe, making a significant impact on your physical and mental health you need to start looking for a new job.

“ I tried talking to my Manager about how the role was making me feel stressed all the time, but she said, we all get stressed at times, you should just learn to deal with it, I quit the next day”

Julia, Public Services Manager

Company and Opportunities are Sinking.

With the ever demands of the 40 hours a week and performance indicators in job roles, more companies are struggling to keep wages down, these companies employ apprentices and interns to do the boring work with very little wages and more often than not start hiring and firing people based on their overall performance abilities. If the company you are working for makes a few redundancies and then people are invited to attend individual performance reviews based around their own performances.

This in itself is demoralising and is a sign that you are no longer on that fun Disney cruise but are heading for the Titanic iceberg.

Do not wait and see if it gets better, it won’t it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Throw your lifebuoy overboard and jump, it’s better to tread water than to drown, if you stay in the water long enough a lifeboat will come and find you.

Bad Management

Seeing that you spend 40 hours a week on average in work, it’s important to get on to your work colleagues and your Manager. There needs to be mutual respect between both parties, however, if you dislike the people you work with and your boss is hard to please, it can be a constant uphill battle and one that you often feel you will never win. Some Managers are not people persons, they get a kick out of controlling others, sometimes using bullying tactics and they live on a power trip, these managers are classed as narcissistic, When working with a Narcissistic boss, you will never please or succeed, quit while you can as these types of managers are no good for well-being. 42% said that a “Bad Boss”, who had a negative attitude, ignored the concerns of the team and taking credit for others work, was a reason to quit.

“Mistreated badly by my Manager, who really likes to use bullying tactics on all our team”

David, Sales Rep.

Poor Working hours and Not Enough Pay

Since starting the company, your job duties have increased and you are now managing a team of 5 people, you attend meetings all over the UK. Your hours of work, are well over 40 hours a week, you work most evenings till late but you pay has not gone up and even though you have more responsibility your wages don’t reflect the added responsibility. If you have addressed this during a work review with your Manager and you are still awaiting an answer to the question as to when will you get a pay-rise, refer it to HR.

According to a survey, carried out by Investors in People (IIP), 33% of employees, felt that if there was not a flexible approach to working conditions and the pay did not reflect the amount of responsibility they were required to do, they felt the desire to leave.

Dream Bigger

According to the survey by Investors In People (IIP), 35% felt that if there was a lack of job opportunities or career progression and there had not been a clear goal-setting plan or discussion with their Manager or a member of HR, they would consider leaving their current role. Feeling valued as an employee was equally important 40% said that at some point in their career they had found another job in the same sector. Saying “thank you” or “good job” to an employee goes a long way and may keep that employee with you for the whole of their working career.

You believe deep down you are meant for bigger and better things.

If you are in a position where you feel depressed, stressed, and undervalued, step back and look at the job role holistically, taking into consideration all areas and dimensions of the job role, working benefits and environments.

Your job needs to provide you success, reward and recognition and satisfaction. If it doesn’t provide you with this speak to us or view our opportunities online your next role is waiting for you.

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