Interview Dress code

When attending an interview or signing up with a recruitment agency you should look presentable and well dressed. Your appearance is the first thing that is noticed as soon as you walk in, what you wear will also leave an impression!

If you are applying for an office job a future employer wants to see that you fit the image they are looking for and that you look appropriate for client meetings and represent the company’s image.

Don’t wear anything too bright or over the top that may distract the interviewer, you can’t go wrong with sticking to a couple of muted colours, this doesn’t mean just sticking to black and white you can inject a bit of colour here and there but make sure it coordinates and doesn’t clash.

Make sure you iron your outfit before your interview and use a lint roller to take off any pet hairs especially on darker clothing.


Mens Dress Code

Wear a fresh white shirt and coloured tie to add a pop of colour, wear dark trousers and be mindful of your sock choice. Wear tidy smart black or dark shoes


Ladies Dress Code

Wear a blouse and skirt that complement each other or wear a tailored dress and layer a coloured cardigan over the top. In the winter pop on some dark tights. You aren’t expected to wear heels if you aren’t comfortable in them but ensure you are wearing tidy presentable shoes.

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