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Living in or near Bury St Edmunds and need a job? Interested in moving there? Or maybe you just have an interest in the import and export industry that thrives in the town. Whatever drives you, we at A&S Recruitment are committed to finding you a job you look forward to and make every day an enjoyable one.

We don’t want you to be in a job that feels like a chore, we’re different like that; ensuring all our customers are happy in the job we find them is more important to us than just filling internal quotas.

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What Jobs are in Bury St Edmunds?

Bury St Edmunds is a historic market town with a history of brewing and exporting beers and ales and a centre for industrial sugar production in Britain, being home to the famous UK brand Silver Spoon sugar. Silver Spoon as a company having operated factories in the area for centuries now. Bury St Edmunds also enjoys a successful tourism industry. As the town that is known as the cultural and retail centre of West Suffolk, tourism makes up a substantial portion of local economy. The town still runs a successful local market, which has been in service since medieval times, a market that is opened twice a week in the historical centre of the town.

If your preferred working environment is commercial office work or some form of transport; we at A&S are confident you will find a job to suit you in Bury St Edmunds. There are many opportunities in this town to suit a diverse range of preferences, ensuring we find a job perfect for you.

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More Information on Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds gets its name from the old germanic word ‘burg’ meaning ‘fortress’, while ‘St Edmunds’ refers an to Anglo-Saxon king-made-saint called Kind Edmund who repelled viking invasions in the South-East. So the town’s name translates to ‘Fortress of Saint Edmund’, funnily enough making the colloquial name of the town; Bury, literally mean ‘Fortress’. Although the town has not been a fortress for over a thousand years, and has served as a market town since medieval times.

For notable features the town is home to the lowest road in all of Britain, the A1101, which rarely rises above sea-level, and the lowest point on the road is 5 metres below sea-level!
The town also has an extensive tunnel network running under it, which is believed to have been used to mine chalk, although there are no tunnels under the old town centre, some buildings having inter-linked basements. It is still technically possible to move between some buildings via underground tunnels, a feature in the town that was exploited greatly during both World Wars, and saved many people from being buried under rubble.

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