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Living in or near Braintree and need a job? Interested in moving there? Or maybe you just have an interest in the import and export industry that thrives in the town. Whatever drives you, we at A&S Recruitment are committed to finding you a job you look forward to and make every day an enjoyable one.

We don’t want you to be in a job that feels like a chore, we’re different like that; ensuring all our customers are happy in the job we find them is more important to us than just filling internal quotas.

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What Jobs are in Braintree?

The oldest industry in Braintree, and what the town is known for, is textiles and clothing. The town has been involved in the textile industry since the 12th century, and once was home to Warner & Sons, which specialised in silk weaving and wove the coronation robes for Edward VII and Elizabeth II. Warner & Sons went into Administration in the 1980s, but the contributions of the company and the town of Braintree to the clothing and furniture industry are remembered in the Warner Textile Archive. In modern times the primary industry of Braintree is retail. Braintree Freeport having several big name brands set up near the town centre. Freeport even has its own railway station for commercial imports and for public use.

If your preferred working environment is commercial office work or some form a transport; we at A&S are confident you will find a job to suit you in Braintree. There are many opportunities in this town to suit a diverse range of preferences, ensuring we find a job perfect for you.

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More Information on Braintree

Braintree’s strange name is most commonly thought to come from the river that runs by the town. Although the river is now called Blackwater, it was originally called ‘Bran’ or ‘Braint’. There is also a tributary river called the ‘River Brain’ that runs off the Blackwater and surrounded on both banks with trees. This is why the town got called Braintree, or at least thought to be why. Also, insistently, this is thought to be where the names ‘Bran’ and ‘Brian’ came from. The town gives its name to two former colonial towns in the USA as well.

The town itself still has a few mills and old buildings from the time of its booming textile industry. The most well preserved of these is the Bocking Windmill just outside of the town. The windmill was originally used for grain harvesting, to feed the growing population, and was used as a pub enjoyed by both locals and visitors for a time before being closed some time in the 50s. Since then the Windmill has been restored to full working order and reopened to visitors.

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