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8th Feb

Working with a recruitment agency can be a great way to explore the careers market and find you the most perfect jobs in shipping. It can utilise the time spent job hunting more effectively and search out the most attractive roles available. If you are on the market for Felixstowe docks jobs, you will want to deal with the best shipping recruitment agencies in the industry. These will be the ones who are well connected within the freight, shipping & logistics sector and offer a proactive approach with companies who are looking for your specific skill set making great matches both personality and experience wise. However, not all recruiters are created equally so it is important to choose your recruitment partner wisely. Do your research and decide which agency is best placed to assist. If you find that they’re not delivering what you had expected, don’t be afraid to give them your notice and find another.

A&S Recruitment have been working with companies in the import and export world for more than 30 years and are proud of the network we have built up. As a result, we are often the first to hear about the job opportunities as soon as they arise. We visit all our clients on a regular basis, so we know what the working culture is like and who is best suited to working for a specific company.

5 Reasons To Appoint a Recruiter that cares:

1.Improved Communication

Good recruiters will get to know you and fully discuss your experience, qualifications and aspirations. It is important for them to find out exactly where your expertise lies and what you are looking for in your next job. If your current recruitment agency just sends your CV to all the Felixstowe docks jobs that arise without exploring the details, it may be time for a change.

Good recruiters will keep in touch on a regular basis, even if it is a call just to inform you of the new jobs in shipping they have put your details forward for.

2.Do they Offer Support

Whilst it isn’t necessarily standard practice in the industry, we at A&S Recruitment believe that it is incredibly important to support candidates the whole way throughout the application process. Having a recruitment consultant to have a chat with before the interview can help refresh your memory of the job, what to ask and what is expected. Having a chat after the interview can offload some concerns and offer reassurance too. With A&S Recruitment you aren’t doing it alone. Having a recruitment expert to lean on can be a massive confidence boost.

We even offer advice on how to make a CV look great and what courses or training may be required if you have taken a career break or are looking for a career change. We also offer guidance on how to prepare for an interview and maximise the chance of securing a dream job.

3.Do they find suitable jobs

Sometimes, shipping recruitment agencies might take a chance by putting you forward for jobs as an import forwarder regardless of the fact you are looking for a Ships Agent role. Or having driven HGVs throughout the UK for the last 10 years, they decide to put you forward for a Customs entry role.

We like to meet all potential candidates so we can discuss your experience and specifically, the type of role you are looking for. This also helps us to sell you and your skills and ensure you get put forward for the most suited roles meaning you will be more likely to get an interview.

4.Do you receive Feedback

Once the interview is over you will naturally spend time thinking about all the things you could have said but didn’t. Searching for jobs in shipping with A&S Recruitment means you will have access to someone with a more direct route to the decision maker and can get the feedback you want and much quicker.

Some companies can have numerous candidates going through the application process and who have no access to feedback whatsoever. A good recruitment consultant will build strong relationships on both sides of the process so that even if you are unsuccessful, you can have constructive advice as to why.

5.Will they help you to Negotiate

It can be easy to get carried away and accept a job straight away when you’re dealing directly with the employer. Maybe you have been offered several jobs. Who will advise you as to the best one to accept? Having a recruiter to advise on your behalf gives you breathing space and security. It can also be daunting trying to negotiate with a potential new employer.

The right recruiter will negotiate terms of employment effectively to get you the best job at the best rate, whilst ensuring it doesn’t reflect badly on you. We want you to get the job and for our clients to be happy too.

You should especially consider using A&S Recruitment if you have any special requirements, such as flexible or reduced working hours, a temporary contract or you have any gaps in your CV as we will help to explain this.

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