What Are The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Agency In 2020?

13th Jan

Recruiting new employees can be both costly and time-consuming. Many organisations just do not have the resources to seek out new, reliable and qualified employees to fill all the available roles. Whilst employers recognise the value of and the need for the best talent, finding it often has to wait. Human Resources departments face a trial when it comes to ensuring a continuous flow of suitable employees into a business. Hiring individuals who are most suited to the role and fit in with the ethos of the organisation is a huge undertaking. In a fluctuating job market, employers are in stiff competition with each other for the most qualified and desirable staff.

This is why in many cases, employers (in many industries) seek specialist support with regards to recruitment strategies. They charge recruitment agencies with identifying and attracting employees. This can remove the administrative burden for employers as the recruitment company can make sure candidates have the appropriate skills needed and could work well with existing employees. A recruitment company like A&S Recruitment can help organisations like yours find employees to move their business forward.

Are you considering the services of a recruitment company in Felixstowe or Ipswich? If so, here are some of the most important benefits of using a recruitment agency, like us, to hire the professionals you need:

  1. 1. We Have Access to More, and Better Candidates

The first benefit of using a recruitment agency is possibly the most obvious: we work with both employers who are searching for the best employees, and professionals who are searching for the most promising career opportunities. This means we are ideally positioned between both sides of the process and working with parties serious about their employment/business progression. Recruitment agencies operate as an intermediary between both parties and the knowledge we possess about the recruitment process can be invaluable.

When an employer creates a job vacancy and has established the criteria they require in an employee, we can start finding suitable people for the position. We understand how important it is to find the right calibre of staff to support the wider objectives of running and growing your business.

Another benefit is our extensive knowledge about specific job markets. Here at A&S Recruitment, we have been working with shipping companies in the UK, from start-up to global outfits, for more than 30 years and have a wide range of roles including Import/Export, Logistics, Transport & Operations from trainee clerks through to senior management. We fill vacancies for Jobs in Felixstowe, Ipswitch and the surrounding areas and our dedicated team of professional consultants have a flexible approach to core needs, an understanding of deadlines, and the ability to work in a demanding environment.

  1. 2. We Streamline Applicants

When employers advertise their own vacancies, they do not always receive applications of the required calibre. When companies are looking for someone with experience or specific qualifications they are often inundated with CVs that don’t fit the bill.

We not only advertise job vacancies in a proactive manner but actively seek out professionals who specifically fit the job description. A&S Recruitment has a database of job seekers ready and waiting for an opportunity for a job like the ones you have to advertise. Our consultants can make direct contact with talented and well qualified individuals and direct them towards the role you have advertised.

We make it a priority to meet all our clients to gain a better understanding of their business and their working culture. We aim to ensure that the candidates you meet are suitable and a good fit. We take away the administrative burden for our clients, by making sure the candidates we send have the right skills and could work well with existing employees.

If you are considering recruitment companies in Ipswich or Felixstowe then contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

  1. 3. We Negotiate Salaries

Employers rarely have the time to identify candidates, meet them, interview them only to find your expectations of roles, salary and benefits do not match. Recruitment agencies actively seek to place skilled candidates and negotiate salaries as part of our hiring process. We negotiate on behalf of both parties and agree to a mutually beneficial remuneration package. If both parties are aware of the other’s hopes and expectations from the outset, it ensures there is a realistic prospect of sealing the deal.

Aside from finding the right match, A&S Recruitment offers an HR consultancy service to our clients and we are flexible depending on your requirements. Businesses can outsource some or all their workplace requirements ranging from CV sifting to a full tailor-made outsource solution. If you are looking for recruitment companies in Felixstowe that offer salary negotiation services, contact us today.

Furthermore, here at A&S Recruitment we have our own in-house payroll and accounts department which has many benefits.

  1. 4. We Can Interview candidates

Another benefit of using a recruitment agency is we can conduct interviews on your behalf, which can save you valuable time and money. A&S Recruitment provides a candidate screening process whereby we begin the process of narrowing down applicants. This way, we can learn more about the individuals shortlisted and eliminate any unsuitable matches early on in the process. We can also conduct background checks on the candidates invited to interview. This spares your HR department vital time and energy.

If you are shortlisting recruitment companies in Ipswich, bear in mind we will make sure that the candidates sent to you will have appropriate expectations of their role, the correct qualifications and skills, and the right skills to work alongside existing employees.

  1. 5. We Can Fill Temporary Positions

Using A&S Recruitment will give your business the benefit of filling temporary roles as and when needed. We can not only find professionals for full-time, permanent roles, but also individuals suitable for shorter term positions, whether for emergency cover for a sick employee or longer term maternity cover. We have experienced candidates lined up who are willing to start work as soon as needed.

So, whether you are looking to fill temporary contracts or full-time jobs, we can offer job seekers to suit your needs. If you have jobs to fill in Felixstowe or Jobs to advertise in Ipswich, our services will be invaluable to your business.

  1. 6. We Offer Invaluable Industry Insight

We spend all day, every day, providing staffing solutions for the logistics industry. This means we have significant expertise, market insight, internationally, nationally, and locally, which you as employers can access as you consider your recruitment strategy. A&S Recruitment understands your needs as employers and manages candidate expectations. This means we are ideally situated to assist you make fully informed decisions about filling vacancies for jobs in Felixstowe and Ipswich.

You certainly don’t have to go it alone, when it comes to hiring. If you are a recruiter seeking to fill transport, warehousing, port logistics or shipping jobs in Felixstowe or Ipswich, then again look no further. Our consultants understand your business sector inside out, and already have a large pool of suitable candidates who are seeking opportunities in companies just like yours. Contact us today on 01394 286 051.

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