5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Shipping And Logistics

The logistics sector ensures that goods are delivered to consumers as and when they are needed. Logisticians oversee the most important phases of a product’s life such as distribution, allocation, and delivery. For many reasons, including the international nature of most companies, shipping and logistics is a rapidly expanding field that has continued to grow, even in times of economic struggle. This means that across this sector in everything from warehouse jobs to supply chain management have sustained their prevalence, if not grown.

A position in the shipping sector can very much be considered a long term career job for those with the initiative to work their way up the career ladder through determination and graft. They are all reasons why you should look towards a career in logistics for a job with security, stability, and opportunities going forward. Here are just a few of the main reasons why logistics continues to thrive.

Why Should I Pursue A Job In Shipping?

  1. 1. Your Job will Be Interesting

In a logistics role, your work life will most definitely be varied. No two days will be the same. One day you might be working with a modest local start-up, the next you may be coordinating a large-scale logistics strategy with a multinational firm. The dynamic nature of logistics work means the chance to pursue a challenging and fulfilling career. Taking into consideration the chances for travel, meeting new people and working with lots of different industries, every day brings a new challenge and reward.

Working at sea is exciting. However, not all shipping jobs involve sailing around the World and this might not be your idea of fun. There are many land-based careers involved in logistics. Careers at port include passenger and cargo loading, unloading, and distribution, and port security. Positions include longshoreman, truck and ship loaders, transportation manager, shipping broker, cargo and freight agent, marine engineer, chartering manager, and fleet engineer.

  1. 2. Opportunities For Career Progression

Are you looking for a career that will build your self-confidence and offer you opportunities for rapid advancement? The shipping industry offers you one of the most diverse and exciting career paths within industries today. It values people of all qualification levels. There are positions and opportunities for growth for all. Since the industry is broad and global, you can transfer all of your educational experiences into a successful career on or off-shore for one of many large and small shipping companies. Furthermore, shipping jobs tend to promote from within, according to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). It might even be possible to reach a management position in as little as just five years.

The list of career opportunities on international shipping vessels is extensive.

  1. 3. Not Location-Specific

In 2020, a career in shipping is 24/7. Ships trade worldwide and need constant ‘manning’, management and monitoring. Since so many different industries and organizations are dependent upon logistics, taking a role in the sector can mean working in any number of locations. From office work to warehouse jobs, your daily work could take many forms, there could be opportunities for international travel. Working with people from all over the world can bring a new dimension to your everyday life and open your eyes to new possibilities.

  1. 4. Work With New Technologies

Technology is revolutionising the way that we collect data and process information. There are two integral factors for the shipping industry. Whilst ships have been equipped with sensors to collect data for a long time, technological advancements now allow this data to be processed and sent in real-time, further streamlining the shipping process. Real-time data can affect everything from route optimisation to tracking goods and monitoring equipment.

Automation extends to the delivery process, with smart technology taking over where GPS left off. Improved sensors and real-time data collection can significantly reduce route confusion, allowing drivers to make more deliveries faster, effectively cutting costs. Smart technology also opens the way for delivery/warehouse sharing.

New technologies are revolutionising the shipping industry. Working with cutting edge technology and being part of a highly motivated team that drives business forward is what shipping jobs are all about. Though the shipping industry is often slow to take advantage of the latest technologies, its ever-increasing consumer demands for speedily delivered goods are starting to make some changes and embrace new technological innovations. Is this something you want to be a part of?

  1. 5. Fulfilling Work

If you take on a role in logistics,, many people within the a supply chain will be relying on you to make sure that products are in the right place at the right time. You are responsible for the transport arriving or that the right amount of stock being delivered. Your hard work and diligence makes everyone else’s roles possible and this can be highly fulfilling.

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