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7th Nov

Finding the right shipping job for you can be a challenge. While the job description might give you some clues for what the work will be like, you never really know what to expect until you get there. Every company across practically every sector can have a different culture and ethic.

It’s essential, therefore, to have experienced professionals by your side who can guide you through some of the challenges that you might face. With the right support, you can gain more knowledge about roles and stand a better chance of being selected for the job.

Why A&S Recruitment Should Be Your First Choice For Finding A New Job

At A&S Recruitment, specialise in providing recruitment support across a vast array of logistics-related industries such as warehousing, shipping, transport and commercial. This specialist focus isn’t accidental: it’s designed to give workers like you the best possible chance of finding the right role for you in the industry.

The reason we can offer workers like you so many opportunities has to do with the way our recruitment approach works.

Companies in the logistic sector come to us to source new talent for their operations. The reason that they do this is that its easier for them to use a professional Ipswich recruiter than it is to go out into the marketplace and find people themselves. Why spend time advertising for jobs when somebody has already done the hard work for you? Firms ask us for people to work in specific positions, and then see whether we have any people on our books who could fulfil the role.

Employers love our service because of our commitment to ensuring that they receive people of quality with a proven track record. They want people who will add value to their enterprises, not cost them time and money.

For people like you looking for jobs in shipping, this is important. Companies in the logistics industry trust us to provide them with great people, meaning that you have a better chance of finding the work role that you want. Employers are much better off coming to us than try their luck in the regular market.

Finding A Job With Us Is Easy

We make finding a job easy. All of the roles we have available are colour-coded according to industry. We list things like the expected salary, when you can start, and the skills that the employer wants. You can also view things like bonuses and the location of the work.

Even if you don’t see a job that matches your skills immediately, we’re always on the lookout for talented, experienced people to keep on our books. Work might not be available right now, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be opportunities in the future. With us, you can prepare your application and then apply as soon as something suitable becomes available, all with our specialist backing.

If you’re looking for work at Felixstowe – one of the busiest container ports in the UK – then you’re making a great career move. Make A&S Recruitment your stepping stone into the industry today.

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A&S Recruitment specialises in assisting candidates to secure positions in the transport, warehousing, commercial and shipping sectors. We connect applicants to jobs in Ipswich, Felixstowe and surrounding areas. With superior industry experience and a reputation for unwavering excellence, we’re confident we can find the right people for the right job, and vice versa.

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