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7th Mar
New A and S Software

We have been working on our new system for a while now, we cannot wait to get it finished and start using it! Leanne and Taegan have been doing all the background work putting together the little bits from scratch to really make it our own.

They did several days training with one of the trainers who came down from Manchester to work with them in our office. This training enabled Leanne to come up with lots more ideas of how she wants the system to work and what functionalities she would like to integrate into it to make it all singing and dancing.

They even took a trip up to Manchester themselves last week to get their point across and show the guys at Eclipse their ideas. The guys agreed with the ideas put forward to them and could understand all our reasons for wanting these add ons – even if it was going to cause them a headache to start with.

The new system is going to change the way we are currently working and enable us to do so much more; we’ll be able to send automatic emails, reminders, chase compliance automatically all from a single click and more.

We’re hoping to integrate our current methods onto the new system and use it to its full extent getting the most that we can out of it.

We cant wait to get it finished and start using it!

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