Your Perfect Shipping Job

29th Jan
Perfect Shipping Job

If you’re looking for fulfilling work in the transport, shipping, warehouse and commercial industries, there are plenty of ways to try and find a job. Many will look primarily through the advertisements in papers, magazines, or on job search websites. Others will look through a more general employment agency. However, for those industries most relevant to your skills and the career you want, a specialist recruitment agency might be the best route ahead. For transport, shipping, warehouse, and commercial jobs, one in Felixstowe might be even better.

Perfectly situated

Felixstowe is one of the UK’s greatest hubs when it comes to the shipping and transport industries. Hosting the largest shipping port in the whole of the country, the seaside town is home to numerous industry giants and start-ups. A&S Recruitment has both the position and insider industry knowledge to help its partners find a wide range of career opportunities not just in Felixstowe, but in Ipswich and the broader Suffolk area, as well.

Stop wasting your time with generic offers

Whether you’re a driver, machinery operator, have some admin experience in the industry or are simply looking to work in fields that offer stability and growth, a specialist can make sure that get only the offers that you’re interested in. A&S Recruitment has the position and the links to make sure that all our partners get only those offers most relevant to them from companies in the transport, shipping, warehouse, and commercial industries. More general agencies are more likely to pepper you with job offers that you have no interest in. Under that kind of pressure for long enough, it’s easy for someone looking for career direction to end up working in a field that doesn’t offer the satisfaction they’re looking for.

Gain the insight of an insider

Working with a specialist agency means that you learn much more about the roles you’re applying for than you would by simply looking at the advertisements. Our team works with individuals in these industries on a regular basis, meaning that we can help you learn more about what the day-to-day of the job entails, as well as the kind of work environment and employer you end up with. Those oft-hidden details can be much more important to your job satisfaction than simply learning the location, pay, and duties featured on the average advertisement.

Helping every step of the way

A specialist agency can help do a lot more than simply pair you up with the most relevant employers and positions, however. We can, for instance, help to promote your CV more effectively towards specific roles, selling your potential to its fullest. What’s more, a specialist agency can offer help with interview preparation, negotiation steps, and network building to help you gain more skills and qualifications. The recruitment process is about much more than the search, so an employment agency has to do more, too.

A&S Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency based in Felixstowe, helping hundreds find positions in the transport, shipping, warehouse, and commercial industries. Take a look through the site to see the kinds of roles we can help you find, or get in touch if you want to get started.

Some of our latest positions

A&S Recruitment specialises in assisting candidates to secure positions in the transport, warehousing, commercial and shipping sectors. We connect applicants to jobs in Ipswich, Felixstowe and surrounding areas. With superior industry experience and a reputation for unwavering excellence, we’re confident we can find the right people for the right job, and vice versa.

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