Become A HGV Driver

21st Jan
Become A HGV Driver

A&S Recruitment is a top agency working with businesses in the transport, shipping, warehouse and commercial industries from our headquarters in Felixstowe and further afield in the Ipswich area. Amongst those industries, there has never been a greater need for drivers.

HGV Drivers are essential to the transport of all kinds of everyday goods and are only becoming more important with the rise in e-commerce leading to more deliveries than ever. Yet the average age of the HGV driver is rising, more are retiring, and a shortage has caused delays in deliveries. Now, more than ever is a good time to think about starting a career as a HGV driver.

What it takes to become a HGV driver

As the title “heavy goods vehicle driver” implies, the role primarily involves driving goods from place to place, most often in a lorry, the most common HGV. Driving is the key skill you need, with no degrees or even A-Levels needed in most starting roles. Besides a driving license, a CPC certificate is required, which can be easily found through driving instructors and training providers. After an instructional course, some training, and hours in an HGV, you’re ready for an entry-level position.

Room for growth

Earning potential starts to grow not too long after your first time in the cab, with new HGV drivers often making between £21k to slightly over £30k. After your CPC certificate, there are numerous other qualifications you can earn, opening up pathways to more specialist driving roles. Wage growth is steady throughout the career, with plenty of opportunities to transition from a job in the cab to an administrative position, such as transport manager. The earning potential can be sweetened even further by bonuses for safe, fuel-efficient driving and length of service with any one company.

Many roads to travel

One of the most appealing benefits of working as a HGV driver, to most, is the ability to be your own boss. While some companies do offer employed positions, many drivers freelance, allowing them to choose their own hours, to finance and own their own vehicle, and to further specify their job. Some may drive on short UK delivery routes, while others may venture further into Europe, and others might take on duties such as working in customer-facing roles and helping to plan routes. With a focus on independent work, it offers the opportunity to escape the usual office politics, too.

Driven to satisfaction

Besides the appeal of driving a big lorry or truck, many find satisfaction in a career of helping move the wheels of a whole range of retail and shipping industries. Not to mention, the satisfaction of helping people receive valued purchases on time. Although there has been a shortage of drivers as of late, this is mostly due to fewer new drivers. Turnover is very low for HGV drivers due to that satisfaction.

If you think you have the stomach for independent work and long drives on the road, working as a HGV driver could be the path just for you. With room for growth, reward, and flexibility, it’s worth seriously thinking about it.

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