The High Demand of Online Stores for HGV Drivers

13th Apr
Female Lorry drivers

Online shopping has seen a rise in the UK with its convenient features and occasional deals and discounts. Consumers love the quick customer service of exclusively online stores, despite the lack of personal touch.

According to the Online National Statistics’ 2015 data, online stores took nearly 50 pence in every pound a 25% increase from numbers reported in 2010. Experts suggest that consumers have gotten used to the lack of physical interaction in online transactions and were able to find other benefits of online shopping.

The Perks of Online Shopping

Shopping sites are also able to remember customers’ previous purchases, which allow them to recommend similar products that the consumer might be interested in.

Online shopping has also made the returns process easier and cheaper, which experts believe is a feature that makes up for customers not being able to look at or test products before purchasing. Deliveries are also an important factor. Through online shopping, customers can have heavy and large goods delivered straight to their homes.

Shortage of Drivers Caused Delivery Delays

However, with the lack of HGV drivers, customers are likely to experience arrival delays in their orders. Many logistics companies in the UK are experiencing a crisis due to the decrease in popularity of the profession.

Purchases made during holidays and special occasions were gravely affected due to the influx of orders and the shortage of delivery personnel. In December 2017, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) reported that the country is short of 52,000 HGV drivers a 49% increase from last year’s data. Unfortunately, only 20,000 drivers are entering the profession each year, FTA’s report adds.

Part of the crisis is also due to existing HGV drivers getting older, with more than half of them aged 50 years old and over. As these drivers near retirement, the industry struggles to attract younger, qualified drivers under 25 years old.

Working on the Roads of Felixstowe

A&S Recruitment is committed to opening opportunities for lorry drivers. As a trusted HGV driver agency in Felixstowe, we help provide established, reliable companies with skilled and qualified drivers. Our team of friendly and dedicated consultants is ready to assist you in every step of the recruitment process.

With online stores increasingly gaining more popularity in the UK, being an HGV driver has never been more fulfilling. The profession might be demanding, but working as an HGV driver will open more doors and allow you to grow in your career.

Not only will you get to deliver important products door to door to people, but you will also coordinate and directly work with transport managers about delivery schedules and routes. You will also work with customers and assist them in loading and unloading goods making sure they arrive safely and in pristine condition.

If you are interested in working for reputable companies as a trusted and reliable HGV driver, contact us today and we will respond to any of your enquiries. Learn more about HGV driving job openings in your area with A&S Recruitment’s listings.

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