Key Qualities of an Excellent Shipping Manager

26th Jan
Shipping Manager

Freight forwarders and shipping companies specialise in arranging, storing and transporting goods on behalf of their clients. The industry is significantly important in the economic landscape because of the role they play in ensuring fast and smooth shipment of goods. The companies provide a wide range of services, which can include the preparation of packages, warehousing, tracking transportation and freight consolidation.

Behind every successful freight company is an excellent shipping manager, known as warehouse and logistics managers. They must be skilled in various areas that help them ensure products get to where they need to be, on time and in perfect condition.

These are the key characteristics of a dependable shipping manager:

Honesty and Integrity

It can be tempting to cut corners, especially when you work in a high-pressure environment. Freight managers, however, should never lie to their partners. Customers rely on a freight company’s credibility before entrusting their products to them. As the shipping manager, you should practice and encourage honesty in the workplace at all times.

Hunger for Improvement

Successful shipping managers don’t just abide by existing procedures, they work tirelessly to improve them. The shipping industry is an ever-evolving environment and shipping managers must keep up with its demands. They should be able to identify inefficient or problematic ways of doing things while also formulating the solution to making them better. The desire to improve the organisation of products, picking or loading process and overall time management is beneficial for every freight organisation.

Business Acumen

Excellent freight managers recognise that a well-run shipping company is a profit centre. They should be adept at assessing inventory systems and stocking processes, making sure the employees do their best to retain the reputation and sales of the business. Valuable shipping managers constantly aim for less damaged goods, fewer misplaced items and timelier deliveries.

Warehouse Proficiency

Every shipping manager should know the company warehouse like the back of their hand. They should keep track of all the products and locate them easily when in-demand. They are responsible for keeping the warehouse accurately stocked, organised and safe for the workers to streamline operations and reduce risks for injuries. Maintaining a warehouse also means complying with health regulations and keeping the warehouse equipment up and running.

Leadership Skills

It’s not enough that freight managers handle shipping processes and operations. Shipping managers are also in-charge of leading their crew. They must follow inventory control protocols and fix the schedules of the warehouse to make sure they meet deadlines. Shipping managers should give their full attention to the needs of both their people and their clients while taking time to understand their concerns. They must have commendable critical thinking skills and the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

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