Next Port of Call: What to Expect in a Shipping Job

12th Dec
Shipping Jobs

Applying for a career in the shipping industry presents an applicant with a broad range of shipping jobs to choose from based on their educational level and preferences. Depending on their skills, they can choose either a technical or a non-technical shipping job.

Some shipping jobs require an individual to work on cruise ships that give them the freedom to explore other countries and learn about other cultures without having to worry about accommodation and other expenses. Other shipping jobs focus on working in a shipping port that deals with importing and exporting cargo to various countries.

Description of a Shipping Job

Shipping jobs are diverse, and many rely on good organisational and administrative skills. There are shipping jobs which involve responding to customers questions and in some cases dealing with complaints. Jobs in the shipping industry deal with providing routing information and discussing shipping instructions to ship captains so that they can deliver the cargo accurately and promptly. You may also be responsible for examining products to estimate their quantities and weight to determine what type of cargo container is required for storage and transport.

Key Attributes and Qualifications

For you to be employed in the shipping industry, you need to obtain a certain educational attainment or experience working in a role that focuses on the skills needed in the shipping industry. You also need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills and can present details in an effective manner. A good understanding of commercial enterprise and basic accounting is required for some positions. Overall, interpersonal skills are essential in the shipping industry.

A&S Recruitment specialises in shipping jobs in Felixstowe, Ipswich and its nearby areas. The majority of the shipping jobs we offer focus on planning and delivering imported goods to various countries. The positions we offer range from shipping coordinators, import and export clerks, stock controllers and more.

For more information on the shipping jobs, we offer, call +44 0 1394 286051.

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A&S Recruitment specialises in assisting candidates to secure positions in the transport, warehousing, commercial and shipping sectors. We connect applicants to jobs in Ipswich, Felixstowe and surrounding areas. With superior industry experience and a reputation for unwavering excellence, we’re confident we can find the right people for the right job, and vice versa.

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