Ensuring you don’t fall foul of your employer on social media

Almost all of us get annoyed with our employers at some stage of our working life. Letting off steam about the matter to family and friends can sometimes be helpful. However, you need to think very carefully before you vent your frustration on social media. You need to remember that the internet is a media platform, and that your bosses may find out what you have said.

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Why it’s important to look for a recruiter with drivers’ negligence insurance

If you are a driver seeking work via an agency, make sure that any agency you sign up with has its own drivers’ negligence insurance in place.

It can be difficult to find policies that will allow you to insure yourself as a self-employed driver, and as we shall see, any company that hires you will not wish to use its own insurance policies to claim for any damage you may cause.

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Attributes of a good lorry driver

The UK definitely needs more lorry drivers, with several studies having estimated a shortfall of 50,000 or more. So, what are the skills and attributes needed to become a successful HGV driver? If you are already an experienced driver, what can you do to become even better at your job? And if you are considering driving as a career, is it the right path for you to follow?

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Could more female lorry drivers solve the problem of falling driver numbers?

Many studies have suggested that there is a shortage of around 50,000 lorry drivers in the UK. Other data indicates that around three quarters of drivers are aged 45 or over, suggesting that the problem will only get worse as the existing workforce reaches retirement age. The number of applications for HGV licences has fallen by as much as 45% over five years, and the trade body The Freight Transport Association says that the recruitment problem is the biggest issue it faces.

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What Is Drivers Negligence Insurance?

Drivers’ negligence insurance provides cover for accidental damage caused by drivers who are hired via agencies.

If a company uses a driver provided by an agency, because the driver in question is not an employee of the company, it will not want to claim under its own insurance policy. This is because its claims history would be affected simply by making a claim, when the damage was in fact not caused by one of its own staff.

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Suffolk Jobs Market

The current state of the job market in Suffolk

The Suffolk town of Felixstowe, where A & S Recruitment is based, is home to the largest container port in the UK and one of the principal ports in Europe. Much of the Suffolk employment market therefore revolves around the port and jobs in shipping, transport, warehousing and port logistics. Arable farming and tourism are also major contributors to the local economy.

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A Job That Takes You Away From Home

The pros and cons of having a job that takes you away from home

There are many jobs where you arrive at the same office at roughly the same time each day, before leaving at around the same time each day. However, there are also other roles where you are constantly travelling, examples might be: some sales roles, consultancy, driving jobs, or various jobs in the shipping industry.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a job involving extensive travel?

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