Suffolk Jobs Market

The current state of the job market in Suffolk

The Suffolk town of Felixstowe, where A & S Recruitment is based, is home to the largest container port in the UK and one of the principal ports in Europe. Much of the Suffolk employment market therefore revolves around the port and jobs in shipping, transport, warehousing and port logistics. Arable farming and tourism are also major contributors to the local economy.

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A Job That Takes You Away From Home

The pros and cons of having a job that takes you away from home

There are many jobs where you arrive at the same office at roughly the same time each day, before leaving at around the same time each day. However, there are also other roles where you are constantly travelling, examples might be: some sales roles, consultancy, driving jobs, or various jobs in the shipping industry.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a job involving extensive travel?

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Want to Become a HGV Driver?

Want to Become a HGV Driver? Here’s What You Need to Know

The freight industry is currently booming, and the demand for drivers of vans, trucks and other large vehicles is steadily increasing.

Large or heavy goods vehicle (LGV/HGV) drivers, also called lorry drivers, work to transport and deliver goods from suppliers to customers. If you want to become an HGV driver, you would be working from warehouses, depots and distribution centres and travelling to different locations in the UK and abroad. The usual load is 7.5 tonnes or over, including articulated lorries, tankers, rigid trucks, trailer wagons and transporters.

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Leading recruitment specialists A&S working with BAP

A&S Recruitment has hit a notable milestone this month as it confirms a new contract with BAP.

BAP Group Ltd is the largest independent Logistics Operator in the Felixstowe Area. The contract is designed to help further enhance operational efficiency while enabling BAP to meet existing and future dynamic business needs.

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